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Cakes! And other baked goodies... (Click here to visit our Signature Store, Call us: 240-660-6777, or inquire by email.)

Why choose Signature Sweets? Quality. Flavor. Freshness. Each hand-crafted dessert is expertly made from scratch for that fresh, flavorful finish with a rustic appeal. There's nothing pretentious here. 

We deliver thoughtful, flavorful treats that appeal to cake lovers of all ages. It's all about that taste, texture, and knowing you're getting exactly what you asked for. Imagine this:

  • Pucker up with a bright burst of lemon flavor in a creamy citrus frosting, atop a light, buttery cake that melts in your mouth.
  • Dive into the decadence of rich, dark, sinful chocolate cake with buttery caramel frosting, sweet coconut, and pecans.
  • Mmm, carrot cake. Subtle spice, sweet, tender carrots, under a blanket of silky cream cheese frosting. 
  • Savor the wintry mix of ginger & other spices, mingled with rich molasses, beneath a lovely cream cheese frosting.
  • Apple Spice--everything you would expect, but with a sweet, spiced apple center that makes your mouth water, & buttery caramel frosting (shown below).
  • Snickerdoodle heaven--yeah, butter and cinnamon sugar love. Coconut-lemon, ooh...and the hits just keep on coming. 
  • Cheesecake! Need I say more? Well, how about velvety cheesecake, beneath scrumptious apples with streusel topping and salted caramel? Or dark chocolate, pecan, salted caramel turtles? Or whatever fruit topping you prefer. Yeah, we do that.
  • Cheesecake of both worlds. Rich, creamy cheesecake, merged with moist, flavorful cake. Wooooooooow. Mmmm...
  • Ask about our Boozy Baked Goods. I love working with those flavor combinations! Like peaches, soaked in orange liqueur, strawberry margarita frosting, buttery apples soaked in rum...

Cakes are available in cupcake size, 9-inch layers, or minions! Those are bite-size cakes that still deliver big flavor, but in a smaller package; ideal for parties and family dinners. Assorted platters of 50 or more.

No matter which treat you choose, you'll know right away that care was taken in ensuring you get what you pay for. Enjoy the rustic-luxe deliciousness of Signature Sweets.

***Be on the lookout for our Signature Pies--portable size pockets of love, both sweet and savory. We're cooking up something wonderful.

Already love us? Great! Give the gift of Signature Sweets for just $10! 

We love referrals, so you choose who should experience the Signature Sweets assorted cupcake dozen, and we'll deliver it to them. All you pay is the $10 delivery fee. That's it. Now, visit our online store to order, we'll confirm the delivery info, and a new customer will be born. Just like that! Now, who do you love??? Give them the Signature treatment!

Cheesecake $35/dz 

Cupcakes  $30/dz

Layer cakes $45 ea

Minions! 50/$50; 100/$100

Cookies! $15/dz

Gingerbread $10/loaf

16 oz Liquid Gold--Handcrafted Caramel Sauce $8


Coming soon: My Portable Pie--big enough for me, myself and I.


Click here to visit our Signature Store; Call us: 240-660-6777 or inquire by email.

Limited delivery area. Please inquire. 

***Schedule a delivery or have your items shipped to you. Free shipping on orders of $50 or more. ***

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