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Below is a description of each book available for sale, filled with topics like self-awareness, family issues, how to navigate interpersonal issues, parenting, sex, love, dating, and feelings when love is lost--yeah, a journey to me, if you will. Dive in; click an image to order. All copies are autographed. 


The Signature Movement (2014): A collection, a production, a lifestyle. Poetry accentuates this intimate collection of life skills training lessons shared from a now-single mother's perspective. Some of life's toughest challenges are tackled here, with humorous undertones, such a dating after divorce and after 40, overcoming disappointment and failure, hormonal issues, adjusting to single life and its sexual implications, and of course, financial issues--all while raising minor children and trying to run a business.
   A light-hearted, informative, encouraging self-help guide for anyone trying to find your new comfort zone and connect with that special someone, again. This ride is not for the faint of heart; I assure you. But it has its comical moments too. Take the ride with me and see how well or how poorly I navigate my now-single mama circumstances. Maybe you can find a nugget or two you can use in your own story. Then again, I'm sure you can. I'm betting I'm a lot like you--nothing short of a superhero. Enjoy!


iconThe Sun Hasn't Set (2013) *Original cover art by Marcia M. McEaddy: In this follow-up to Nothing New Under the Sun (2011), some of our favorite characters are figuring out how to move on from prior losses, disappointments, challenges, and failures while navigating new relationships and successes. Reunite with Charlie Warner—successful business owner, unlucky in love. Follow along as she tries to get over Lyle Fletcher and find someone she can enjoy success with as she builds her dynasty. 
   Catch up with Hennessy Carter, and see what happens when she finally gets her heartthrob husband to sing a different tune, settle down and focus on their marriage. What ever will she do with Brody Burke? See what Audrey James-Abney is up to, now that her Abney is back in town full-time. Can they make it work?
   Remember Payton Warner, Charlie’s baby sister? Well, she’s back, and she’s livelier than ever. See what she’s up to these days as she comes into her own. Be prepared to welcome some new ladies into your heart as Keva Baldwin and Lisa Phillips join the cast too. Each woman’s story is laden with key life lessons acquired through trial and experience, and exposes a wealth of emotions that often accompany such trials. Some may strike you as familiar; at least I hope they do. I wrote this with you in mind. 
   Follow along on their journey, pick up pieces you can use, and enjoy the scenery. Then tell me what you think at Thanks so much for allowing me in your personal space. TDF


It Is What It Is--Epiphany (2013): A collection of powerful poems from Ms. Floyd, including all 50 poems from the 2004 release From Where I Stand, It Is What It Is, NEW poems, and a new cover design. One thing is for sure--she brings it AGAIN! Insightful, introspective, but ever so poignant, and composed with you in mind.
   Tonya takes you on a colorful journey through her life here in this intimate collection. Guaranteed, you will be able to relate to something here. Get started with a peek on the Excerpts tab, then order your copies here. Take a ride with Tonya D. Floyd; you will not be disappointed.

Timeless Thoughts & Words of Wisdom From the Mind of Tonya D. Floyd; Volume 1--I'm Just Sayin,... & Volume 2--It's All Relative (2012) *Original cover art by Aniekan Udofia.--Uh, who the heck is Tonya D. Floyd, and who cares what she thinks about anything? Well, you do. Because what I have to say was written for or about you; you just don’t know it yet. Go ahead and skim through a few of the thoughts here and see for yourself. Watch how often you nod in agreement. Consider it a try-before-you-buy kinda deal. You’ll find that this is well worth the read, and will make a good reference book—and gifts. Let’s not forget about the copies you’ll buy for your loved ones.
   I’m no different from you really. Yeah, I sit around thinking a lot, and I’ve written a few other books already—pretty profound stuff if I say so myself. But the thing that binds you and me is life—the good, the bad, the relatives; we all have stuff. Regardless of where you’re from, or what you do in your spare time, neither you nor I can run from good ole life, and all that comes with it. So I write books to find the people out there who don’t mind comparing notes.
   From Where I Stand, It Is What It Is—2005. But Sometimes There’s More—2006. Nothing New Under the Sun—2011. I poured all of me into those three books, and I found some pieces I didn’t even know were there too. Yet, would you believe I still had a lot to get out of my head? I would sit at my computer and compose emails about whatever was on my mind that day. It got so that I was sending one almost every day. I mean, I’ve had a lot going on in my life the last few years—and it’s not over. Not by a long-shot.
   But before long, I had something like my own editorial column going, and my small circle of readers grew into a big one, and spread out into my readers’ circles, and then I found out I was a hit. Somebody recently told me, “Only you say the things so many people are thinking, but would never have the nerve to say.” Actually, a few somebodies (just go with it) have told me that over the years, and I’m cool with that. I actually started a blog last year because of this thought for the day concept. People really wanted to hear from me. I even tried quitting, but apparently I make sense on most days. I had no idea all this stuff in my head would come in handy on this level. Now I couldn’t stop if I tried. Each new day brings new challenges, new people, and so much to write about. I love it. Thank you all for allowing my thoughts and me to speak to and for you. I’m humbled.

Nothing New Under the Sun (2011) *Original cover art by Aniekan Udofia: A novel that's so real, it will make you think it's about you and yours. Don't believe me? Have you ever had a conversation with someone you just met and felt like an instant connection was made because you had so much in common? Have you ever heard a song playing that seemed to speak to your life, your situation, or your feelings at that very moment? Ever read a book that captured your attention—engaged you—and you couldn’t put it down? Well, that’s what I’m hoping to do with the series of stories contained within these pages.
   Here you will find the stories of four seemingly different women, and some of the trials each one experiences. But woven into each story you will find lessons, points of view, perspectives, and ideas that will hopefully allow you to step into their shoes and see things a whole new way. Hopefully you will find that we are not as different as one may think, but we see and respond to trials differently, and therefore we can learn a lot from one another.
   Each story begins and ends at a pivotal moment in that woman’s life, giving you a snapshot of where she is at a particular point in her journey. Follow along and see who she is, where she’s from, and what she’s about; then see how she handles that and other trials as they arise. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself relating to her right away. There’s truly nothing new under the sun. Throughout the ages, and right down the street, someone somewhere has undergone something like what you have or will, and it is that bit of knowledge and experience he or she captures and shares that can help you through your own trials, or help you be a source of wisdom and encouragement for someone else. 
   It is my goal to bring these women to life, and use them as examples from which other women can gain insight, inspiration, courage, wisdom, ideas, and anything else that empowers and enlightens. Women are a wellspring of life and knowledge. It’s just up to us to tap into the power we have and disburse it accordingly, and responsibly.
   Please enjoy the edifying buffet I have prepared for you here, and feel free to share with me your thoughts. Thank you.